CuriousCity is Hiring

After months of planning, we are one step closer to the opening of CuriousCity, a ‘pop up’ children’s museum in downtown Peabody and looking for some key individuals to play a part in the success!

This temporary play-based children’s museum will run for three months beginning March 31st at the George Peabody House and Leatherworkers Museum. CuriousCity will serve children ages 2-10 and their caregivers in Essex County. Exhibit topics include geography, farm to lunch box, sensory play, stories of the world, mindfulness, banking and philanthropy, and an open-ended creation/building space. All exhibits will be hands-on and play-based and include components that focus on STEAM education, literacy, and adult/child interaction.

The ultimate goal of CuriousCity is to demonstrate that a permanent children’s museum can be a successful venture in Peabody so that the children of Essex County will have permanent access to a play-based space devoted to learning and promoting the healthy development of children and families in our community.

Positions Available:

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Application deadline is March 9.

Applicants should send resume and cover letter to Melissa at: