Each hands-on experience in CuriousCity explores different themes to tap into a child’s imagination. From building and designing to investigating new materials to reading and engaging in dramatic play, learning has never been so fun!
CuriousCity Tour

Have you been dying to see what's inside of CuriousCity? Well here is a video tour to get you excited for next week! Tickets available now at curiouscitypeabody.org

Posted by Peabody TV on Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Check out the different exhibits listed below with changes coming every month!

Peaceful City

This mindfulness exhibit offers yoga, meditation and reading based activities for the whole family.

Build & Play

Enter our workshop area and discover building tools to help children learn about construction.

Cozy City

This sensory exhibit provides a safe, relaxing space for children of all abilities who may become overwhelmed or overstimulated by their exploration of the museum as a whole.


Magnets! Children will learn and explore the different uses of magnets in this exhibit that features pattern block designs, magnetic tiles and other connectivity activities.

Wind Tunnel

Concepts such as flight, air current, air resistance, and gravity are explored through play and hands-on investigation.

Explore & Build with LEGO

Children can build and discover with our LEGO table! Construct different construction vehicles and see the different layouts for each one.

Discovery City

Create! Ramps, wheels, axles, planks, blocks… there’s no limit to what engineers, artists, and builders can make as they investigate, tinker and immerse themselves in STEAM exploration!

Curious World

Curious World is all about the world of play! Stories of the World features a puppet theatre with a 20×8 ft stage. Kids will be able to act and play out folk-tale characters! There is also an interactive kitchen display that helps to model the USDA “My Plate” importance of a fresh, healthy diet.