Summer 2022

Now Hiring! Executive Director

A Children’s Museum

10 Main St, Peabody, MA
Accessible & Inclusive
Hands-On Exhibits


CuriousCity believes an accessible and inclusive museum must address each visitor’s experience.


CuriousCity is a children’s museum presented by the Peabody Cultural Collaborative. CuriousCity features hands-on exhibits designed to be accessible and inclusive for children ages 2-10.


Each hands-on experience in CuriousCity explores different themes to tap into a child’s imagination. From building and designing to investigating new materials to reading and engaging in dramatic play, learning has never been so fun!

Join us!

We are pleased to be offering unique workshops and classes at our museum! For more information and classes offered, please continue to watch our website and social media!


Hours of Operation:

  • Wednesday 10-2pm
  • Thursday 10-2pm
  • Friday 10-3pm
  • Saturday 10-3pm

Monday & Tuesday – open for group tours by appointment. To book a group tour, email

“A museum provides the perfect addition to downtown. It is the type of destination business that has the ability to provide education and entertainment to residents and visitors while generating business for existing restaurants and other complimentary businesses. While there are other children’s museums in Massachusetts, it would be a unique addition to the North Shore.”

- Mayor Bettencourt